You've tried the rest...Now have the best!

Mixed Nuts Clown Company serves Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia with the best clowning services in the area. Each clown provides activities for your event including Magic, Face Painting, Balloon Sculptures, Puppets, and Meet & Greet. These activities are always enjoyable for the young and young at heart. In addition to these services, Mixed Nuts Clowns also proudly offers the following fun and exciting packages.


Mixed Nuts Clown Company

Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos - popular designs that are sure to please from your elbows  to your knees. From you head to your toes you decide where it goes!  Don't dismay you'll stay this way.  You can be back to yourself  the very same day!



Balloon Artist

Custom balloon creations - Fancy hats, Animals, Swords, Flowers or whatever they choose - this is a great value and a special addition for any event.


Fancy Faces

Be it a simple design or your Fantasy Face, our face painting artist will create a special design that will surely delight your guests. A dusting of glitter even adds that extra sparkle. Let us transform your event  into a parade of merriment.  Your guests choose a design, then watch as the metamorphosis takes place.



The Mini-Roadster

Along with your Mixed Nuts clown and all of the activities and fun, we arrive at your event in a mini roadster clown car and give children  rides. Check out the roadster !


Crafts, Entertainers, and Gadgets

Hilarious Hats, Marvelous Masks and Jubilant Jewels - Two Hours for 50 Children - $395.00*

Clowns - Prices includes Balloon Sculptures,Face Painting, Magic, Meet & Greet. Any or all of these - $335.00*

Clown with Mini-Roadster Clown Car -  Price Includes all of the above, plus The Clown arrives in a mini-roadster clown car and gives the children rides! - $450.00*

Face Painting - Stunning face artistry! You've tried the rest, now have the best! - $335.00*

Balloon Sculptures - Balloon creators, Fancy hats,animals, swords... or whatever you choose! - $265.00*

Stilt Walker - $130/hr (with balloons) or $85/hr (without balloons)

Tattoos or body art - Safe and temporary! - $265.00

Glitter Tattoos - Using stencils, we can add pop, multi colors, and more.  Choices are limited to stock. - $85.00/hr

Freehand Glitter Tattoos - Now you can have your name, or just a little something special.  These tattoos can last from 3-10 days with minimal with washing and patting dry. $125.00/hr

Airbrush Face Paint and Tattoos - Awesome Airbursh Face Painting!  Choose and design what you'd like!  The only way you'll walk away with a frown is if it's painted on your face! - $330*

Colorini Tattoos - Get airbrush quality tattoos.  These tattoos are alcohol based and last just as long as regular airbrush tattoos.  They are a great option if you have limited space, are in a more intimate setting (needing something quiet), or if there is limited or no power. $150.00/hr

Airbrush T-Shirts - $12/shirt single side (we provide the shirts)

Tie Dye T-Shirts - $9/shirt (we provide the shirts)

Game booths - with exciting games and fantastic prizes (everyone wins!) - $450.00

Scarecrows - Build your own scarecrows and take them home with you - Pricing based on quantity; please call for prices.

Pumpkins - Decorate your pumpkins to match your personality.  Make your very own twin!  Or create something scary to ward off all the ghost and goblins of Halloween. - Pricing based on quantity; please call for prices.

Sandy Candy - $400.00

Miniature Golf - $400.00

Bingo - with great prizes. (Caller included) - $400.00*

Point Zone 2-in-1 games - Throw or kick your way to victory! Unlimited Prizes. - $350.00

Circus Seal (Indoors or Outdoors). Unlimited Prizes. Everyone Wins! - $350.00

Rain Room (To cool you off in hot weather with fine, moist mist.) - $300.00

Air Chiller (Portable cooling and misting) Effective and efficient cooling from our oscillation unit. Heat reduction of 15-20 degrees. - $300.00

Optional 2nd cooling and misting unit -  $50.00

* Prices are based on 2 hour events

Group Entertainment

DJ's - Pro Sound and Lights.  Over 20,000 Hit Songs from 1940's to the present. Dance Network, Party! - $100/Hour

Karaoke - Your guests sing the lead line of the songs. Over 30,000 songs for your guests to choose from. All ages and song types. Add to DJ for $100/Hour

Trivia Games - With Buzzers and Prizes - $300-$400/Game (Up to 2 Hours)

Company Feud - Customized to your company.  Put offices against each other. - $300/Game (Up to 2 Hours)

Eats and Treats - Table Top Confections!  Cotton Candy, Popcorn, & Snow Cones!  Operator included.  Unlimited supplies. - $325 for up to 4 Hours

Big Screen 9' x 12' - $300/4 Hours

Caricaturists - Have your guests go home with a cartoon of themselves. Color or sketch - $125/Hour

Spin Art – 2 can paint at the same time.  Parties and picnics only.  Helper and up to 500 pictures - $300/ 4 Hours

Costume Characters - You and your children can enjoy special characters for boys and girls! Spiderman and Batman will play field games with the boys, and a Princess will tell stories for all. Each of the characters can also create balloon animals and face paint. - $150/Hour





Balloon Arch - $9/ linear foot

Balloon Columns (2) - $110/pair (without special toppers)

Also available - balloon ceilings, drops, topiaries and more - call for prices!

**All Prices Are Subject To Change**

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